Doing One Thing That Scares Me: Trying New Foods (Particularly Seafood)

February 23, 2013
Trying new foods, including this prawn laksa, at an open air food market in Penang, Malaysia

I like to think I’m a brave and adventurous person. I’ve run with the bulls in Spain, hiked the Great Wall in China despite the city having the worst pollution levels on record and survived a leech bite… okay, it was only small but it was scary! But I could never be called ‘Adventurous Nicole’ […]

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Sun Nien Fai Lok/Happy New Year from Hong Kong!

January 1, 2013
Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour at night before New Years Eve

We made it! Another year is done and dusted and the dawn of the first day of a new year is dawning. Regardless of how we ended 2013 don’t let that deter you from moulding the year into the year that you want it to be. Travel more, connect with old friends, become healthier, succeed […]

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How to Travel During the Holiday Season… and Not Kill Your Family

November 24, 2012
How to deal with the crazy during the holidays

I love Christmas time. I’m an Aussie so it means I’m at the beach everyday, summer fruits are a staple in the fridge, and it mean University is done and dusted until March. But there is one thing that can send me into a bit of a panic – the knowledge that I will be […]

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Remembering to be Thankful

November 21, 2012
I am Thankful

It’s easy to say thank you to the waitress for bringing you your meal, or thank you to the shop assistant to hand over your latest purchase; but sometimes the hardest thing to do is to say ‘thank you’ to those who you appreciate the most in life. I’m not American, nor Canadian; but today, […]

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Great Trip Ideas for First-Time Solo Female Travellers

November 5, 2012
Female solo traveller walking in the desert

Despite being quite an independent woman I had some apprehension on my first solo travel trip overseas. So many questions about how I was going to survive filled my mind, and as the first one of my friends to travel alone I had no one to help answer these questions. Travelling alone for the first […]

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Forgive me Canon, for I have sinned

October 28, 2012
Canon camera kiss x3

I had two choices and I just couldn’t decided. Lifting up the bodies I gazed intently, as if something would have changed since my last inspections just seconds ago. “Ma’am,” his Colorado drawl cut through my thoughts, “you have about 5 minutes til we shut up shop.” I had to make a decision. Whoops… I […]

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13 Lessons I’ve Learnt from Travelling Solo

October 18, 2012
Hiking in Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory, Australia

At home I am a fiercely independent woman – I don’t go to the bathroom with a group of girls and I am happy to eat at a restaurant alone – and this has translated into the way I travel. As much as I try to deny it because of the stigma attached to it I am […]

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