Remembering to be Thankful

November 21, 2012
I am Thankful

It’s easy to say thank you to the waitress for bringing you your meal, or thank you to the shop assistant to hand over your latest purchase; but sometimes the hardest thing to do is to say ‘thank you’ to those who you appreciate the most in life. I’m not American, nor Canadian; but today, […]

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Great Trip Ideas for First-Time Solo Female Travellers

November 5, 2012
Female solo traveller walking in the desert

Despite being quite an independent woman I had some apprehension on my first solo travel trip overseas. So many questions about how I was going to survive filled my mind, and as the first one of my friends to travel alone I had no one to help answer these questions. Travelling alone for the first […]

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Forgive me Canon, for I have sinned

October 28, 2012
Canon camera kiss x3

I had two choices and I just couldn’t decided. Lifting up the bodies I gazed intently, as if something would have changed since my last inspections just seconds ago. “Ma’am,” his Colorado drawl cut through my thoughts, “you have about 5 minutes til we shut up shop.” I had to make a decision. Whoops… I […]

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13 Lessons I’ve Learnt from Travelling Solo

October 18, 2012
Hiking in Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory, Australia

At home I am a fiercely independent woman – I don’t go to the bathroom with a group of girls and I am happy to eat at a restaurant alone – and this has translated into the way I travel. As much as I try to deny it because of the stigma attached to it I am […]

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Vegemite Zumberon and a Winner!!!

October 8, 2012
Adriano Zumbo's Vegemite Macaron

Wow, I can’t believe two-weeks are up already and so to is the first competition on Bitten by the Travel Bug! Spending the last few weeks running between states – Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia – I was so glad to have six-days in one location and what better place than […]

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The day Richard Branson looked at me and I ran away… twice

September 7, 2012
Sir Richard Branson at the Virgin Money launch at Senate House in London

It sounds like a bad joke. The kind where you meet a person you admire – a hero of some description – but then something goes wrong. Your words, ones people usually tell you to stop using, fail you; you stutter and they look at you like you’re some special needs kids, only to then […]

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Sometimes it’s ‘good’, sometimes it’s great with Roomorama

August 31, 2012
Staying at Roomorama properties in Spain and Barcelona

I’d heard of Roomorama through the grapevine. Their name had begun popping up frequently in conversation with travelling friends and the reviews so far had been pretty good. Having had experiences with another rental company earlier this year when visiting Paris so I knew the benefits of using a service such as Roomorama over staying […]

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