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My Favourite Photos of 2014

by Nicole on December 31, 2014

Are you ready to party?! I can’t believe we’re just hours away from 2015 already! For me, 2014 was incredibly fast paced. While I didn’t meet all of the personal goals – catching up with friends in Melbourne this year has been near non-existent and I didn’t keep focused enough to progress much in studying […]


The sun had set along ago and the evening air was creeping lower, lower… I was ready to give up hope. My walk around the Forbidden Palace in hope of finding Tiananmen Square was becoming hopeless and the -2 degree weather was far less than the 36 degrees I’d left in Australia. “Pedal?” a man on a rickshaw […]


Filing out of Freedom House in two straight-lines you could feel the tense nature of our surroundings. We could see into North Korea from here, and North Korea could see us. Lining up along the top step a North Korean soldier raised his binoculars, examining us from a distance. Only a hundred feet or so separated us from […]

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Travel Bug Tuesday: Bagpipers in Formation

February 5, 2013
Bagpipers in formation at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

You could hear the noise before you had reached the stadium. The cheers of the crowd and of course the low rumbling of reeds vibrating over a constant reservoir of air from the bag played by skilled hands – the bagpipes were singing their tune. It is one of the biggest events on the Edinburgh calendar […]

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Travel Bug Tuesday: N Seoul Tower Pagoda

January 29, 2013
Pagoda at N Seoul Tower in South Korea

Your cheeks get rosy, as if you have applied a fresh coat of blush to them, and your nose turns bright red and gets runny if you’re outside for too long. You wrap your scarf around your neck again and ensure your earmuffs are on firmly – this is how an Australian copes with -14 […]

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Travel Bug Tuesday: Hornbill Feeding in Pangkor, Malaysia

January 22, 2013
Oriental Pied Hornbills at feeding time at Pangkor Island Beach Resort on Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Loud and noisy the local residents flocked to dinner, yelling at each other and jostling for their turn at the food. But these were no ordinary residents, instead they are Oriental Pied Hornbills who call Pangkor Island, Malaysia home. As I approached with my camera the bickering stopped and they kept turning their heads, curious and apprehensive […]

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Travel Bug Tuesday – A Banksy in Brighton

November 13, 2012
The Banksy stencil of the policemen kissing in Brighton UK

One of the most controversial pieces of street art used to adorn the walls of a pub under the railway station in Brighton, now there is just a facsimile encased in perspex of Banksy’s original stencil – the ‘Kissing Coppers’. Taking a free city tour through the Brighton’s Greeter program I was introduced to some of Brighton […]

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