Love Locks in Copenhagen, Denmark

Love Locks in Copenhagen

by Nicole on February 26, 2014

After discovering hundreds of padlocks affixed to the Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris I decided I had to learn more about this increasingly popular trend. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a big romantic deep down but to see the rows of love locks is a beautiful sight. In many of the cities I’ve visited I’ve been […]


Love locks in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki’s Bridge of Love

by Nicole on February 14, 2014

There doesn’t seem to be an exact date that it started but the sightings of love locks on bridges, railings overlooking famed icons or just scattered randomly have continued to grow around the world. From Paris to Cologne, Seoul to Chile, the craze continues to flourish. I’ve never locked a padlock on anything fancier than […]


I spent my early teenage years breaking boys hearts. I turned down one boy 16-times despite now looking back and realising our potential relationship would have probably lasted a year. At 13-years-old I knew that I wasn’t going to go to University in Adelaide, South Australia and didn’t want to be tied down, and the […]


Transforming the City – Melbourne White Night

February 24, 2013
White Night Melbourne/Nuit Blanche Melbourne was an arts, entertainment and cultural event like no other, and Flinders Street Station was its hub

To sound cliched, it was truly a night to remember. 2013 welcomed Melbourne and Australia to the family of Nuit Blanche, that is the ‘White Night‘, a free arts and cultural event now hosted around the world, and coming to 23 countries this year. Already known as the arts loving, theatre-going city, Melbourne transformed its everyday face as […]

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Romantic Seoul: Love Locks at N Seoul Tower

February 7, 2013
Giant love lock heart at N Seoul Tower

I felt somewhat out of place, but I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why, as the Namsan Cable Car took off and the journey to the top of N Seoul Tower begun. Around me I was being stared at – something I had become accustomed to having been in Asia for over a […]

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A Travellers Romance

February 14, 2012
Travellers holding hands in the airport

Reflection. I’ve spent the morning staring at the same two sentences hastily typed into a Word document, hoping to be inspired into writing a post on love when travelling for Valentines Day; But truth be told I’ve only had two romances on the road, two romances I’m not sure where stand. “This story is but as old as time. […]

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Travel Bug Tuesday – Montmartre Love Lock

February 14, 2012
Love lock in Montmartre which overlooks Paris, France

Whilst bus loads of tourists come to climb the steps of the Sacré Coeur, there is another way up the hill to Montmartre. Winding through the cobbled streets thronged with people doing their Saturday shop you can envision the old Parisian lifestyle which other arrondissements left in favour of modernity. Climbing up the steps, the back […]

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