I’ve made it no secret that I’m a last-minute traveller. Sometimes my wanderlust will call me to go on a weekend adventure or take that amazing sale fare, around holidays it’s because I’m travelling with my family and decisions on when they can take time off work is made just days before departure, and other times […]


Did you have a defining moment in your life when you found the purpose in your life? A moment when you finally realised just how useful you are, that sees a change in your life? Sullivan Moss thought he was useless, an underachiever, but after waking up in a hospital, being so carefully cared for by […]

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Qantas First Class

Flying Qantas First Class

by Nicole on March 26, 2015

As many of you may know, Qantas is my airline of choice. Consistently great service has had me coming back to fly with them year after year. While I’ve flown in their – now retiring – Business class a great number of times, there was one experience onboard I hadn’t experienced yet. Flying in Qantas’ First Class cabin […]


A Taste of the Real Spirit of Tasmania

July 9, 2014
Spirit of Tasmania

When I moved to Melbourne I declared that within the year I was going to take the Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne to Devonport in Tasmania’s north. Sure, flying from Melbourne to Hobart or Launceston are options, but isn’t the journey half the fun of travelling to a new place?! Having just moved to Melbourne, my American housemate […]

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A Scar Across the Ridge: The Rebirth of Marysville

February 2, 2014
Sunset at Saladin Lodge

Flanked on all sides by mountains, the scenic drive to Marysville, through Black Spur, is just a taster of the beauty that lies when you reach the town. Small boutiques, eco-friendly cafes, and colourful art collectives line the street. A lolly shop where the owner watches over her grandchildren playing in the pond out the […]

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A Taste of Chile in Melbourne

September 10, 2013
A Taste of Chile

Before meeting my friend Claudio – a Chilean native who although married to an Irish-man has not lost one bit of her accent or passion for Chile one bit – I’d never considered visiting South America, let alone Chile. The more I talked to her about her country, the cultural passions – she loves to […]

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A Very Barbie High Tea at the Langham, Melbourne

April 10, 2013
Barbie sitting on The Langham, Melbourne's pink cab before the Barbie-themed Tiffin Tea at Melba Restaurant

The Langham is renown to have one of the best high teas in Melbourne, so what better way to celebrate my 23rd birthday than by taking part in one of their high teas… one with a theme of course! It turns out that Barbie is moving out of her Malibu dream house and is residing […]

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