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First time in Belfast visit the town hall

First Time in Belfast? 5 Must See Sites

by Nicole on June 16, 2012

After something of a rocky start, Belfast and I have reconciled our differences and become firm friends. With a unique blend of Irish and British nature Belfast will continue to inspire you with things to see and do; And with 2012 being the 100th anniversary of the Titanic setting sail the city has been revived to offer visitors and […]


Please note, content in this post may be considered sensitive by some readers. I was locked out. No amount of banging or phone calls was going to change the fact that there was no way I could get into the hostel and that meant one thing – I was once again faced with the prospect […]


Belfast Black taxi tour peace wall dividing protestants and catholics shankill road west belfast

Black Taxi Tour of Belfast

by Nicole on November 4, 2011

The Berlin Wall fell over 20-years ago yet it still remains one of the most popular attractions for the city, but there are more than one set of walls in Europe and this one is still standing strong. Covering over a 20km stretch, many people of my generation probably don’t even know where Belfast is […]


Travel Bug Tuesday – ‘Free Derry’

May 3, 2011
Ireland Northern Ireland Free Derry Bogside Londonderry

Northern Ireland has a history of struggle against the Protestant English and the Catholic Irish. These struggles come off best in the town of Londonderry/Derry. Originally settled as ‘Doire,’ the Irish equivalent of  ‘Oak-tree,’ when this city was taken over by the English they renamed the city ‘Londonderry.’ With the River Foyle cutting the city in […]

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