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Flanked on all sides by mountains, the scenic drive to Marysville, through Black Spur, is just a taster of the beauty that lies when you reach the town. Small boutiques, eco-friendly cafes, and colourful art collectives line the street. A lolly shop where the owner watches over her grandchildren playing in the pond out the […]


When I travel I want to get as far away from Australia as possible. Europe, America, Canada – I want to go there because it’s foreign, it’s different, some might even say it’s exotic; but with this mentality I continue to neglect my own backyard. I’m often emailed by readers, family or friends asking me […]


I’ve got a confession to make – I know nothing about Canada… except maple syrup is pretty tasty on pancakes. A visit to Canada has been something I’ve always wanted to do, but time or money has always stopped me as well as a little bit of “it’ll be there next time” attitude. This year I’m […]


Learning to Cook in the Tropical Spice Garden, Penang

April 24, 2013
Tropical Spice Garden in Penang, Malaysia

I enjoy cooking with spices… no, scrap that. I love cooking with spices, but to me spices are something that come in little glass jars and can be bought from my local supermarket. Spices are abundant in Malaysia and nestled along some of the more mountainous terrain in Penang, and only a five-minute drive away from the main […]

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Kayaking on Sydney Harbour: There’s More to See Than You Think

April 22, 2013
Sydney Harbour Bridge Kayak

When you think of a trip to Sydney Harbour you think of walking around the edges of it, walking over it on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or spending the day pottering along on a ferry or water taxi; but there’s a way to see Sydney Harbour which you may not have considered before – why […]

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Welcoming the Year of the Snake in Malaysia

February 8, 2013
Ban Kah Lan Snake Temple in Penang, Malaysia

Note: Don’t like snakes? I don’t recommend this post! How about you read about my food challenge for 2013 which started in Malaysia or perhaps about the stunning Eastern & Oriental Hotel we stayed at in George Town, Penang? Landing in Penang, Malaysia after 36-hours of transit – including an 8 hour stop in Melbourne […]

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Next Stop? Off to Visit Malaysia!

January 17, 2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia city landscape at night including Petronas Towers

I thought that I’d be heading home to relax during what’s left of the Australian summer, but fate didn’t seem to go that way when I received an email two-weeks ago inviting me to visit my second new country of 2013. So instead of balmy evenings filled with watching The Big Bang Theory with my housemate and catching […]

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