Great Australian Drives

5 Great Australian Road Trips

by Nicole on April 9, 2014

There’s no better way of getting to the heart of a country than by taking a road trip. Exploring the small towns, getting to know the locals and having the freedom to to turn into any road should something catches your eye. There are so many options throughout Australia but here are five of my […]


Flanked on all sides by mountains, the scenic drive to Marysville, through Black Spur, is just a taster of the beauty that lies when you reach the town. Small boutiques, eco-friendly cafes, and colourful art collectives line the street. A lolly shop where the owner watches over her grandchildren playing in the pond out the […]


Marysville Garden Cottages - Boutique Accommodation in Marysville, Victoria

A Boutique Weekend Getaway to Marysville

by Nicole on November 21, 2013

I’m a big city person but sometimes you just need to get out. Away from the noise, the traffic and the concrete jungle to a place a little more natural, with fresh air and the friendly country mentality. A few weeks ago I took a boutique getaway to Marysville. To Australians the name is synonymous with […]


Something Near and Something Afar: What’s Next for Nicole?

November 6, 2013
Thumbnail image for Something Near and Something Afar: What’s Next for Nicole?

When I travel I want to get as far away from Australia as possible. Europe, America, Canada – I want to go there because it’s foreign, it’s different, some might even say it’s exotic; but with this mentality I continue to neglect my own backyard. I’m often emailed by readers, family or friends asking me […]

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Crossing Borders in Search of Whales

September 30, 2013
Prince of Whales Zodiac Tour

The boat was moving fast – too fast – I had to shut my eyes but instead of finding peace I found a sickly feeling rise in the pit of my stomach. I was joining Prince of Whales for my first whale watching experience. It was one of the first trips for the summer season and the […]

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A Taste of Chile in Melbourne

September 10, 2013
A Taste of Chile

Before meeting my friend Claudio – a Chilean native who although married to an Irish-man has not lost one bit of her accent or passion for Chile one bit – I’d never considered visiting South America, let alone Chile. The more I talked to her about her country, the cultural passions – she loves to […]

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A Very Barbie High Tea at the Langham, Melbourne

April 10, 2013
Barbie sitting on The Langham, Melbourne's pink cab before the Barbie-themed Tiffin Tea at Melba Restaurant

The Langham is renown to have one of the best high teas in Melbourne, so what better way to celebrate my 23rd birthday than by taking part in one of their high teas… one with a theme of course! It turns out that Barbie is moving out of her Malibu dream house and is residing […]

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