10 iPad Apps that Travellers need!

When it comes to applications to download every man, woman and dog have an opinion on what is best (Angry Birds all the way!) As a traveller there are some awesome apps to use – from the basic social network apps to apps that keep track of our travel itinerary, or how about an app with some travel ‘porn’ to get us motivated to get out there and go! So here is my list of 11 iPad Apps that Travellers need!

  • Award Wallet
    After travelling for a while you begin to have a number of loyalty cards for hotels, airlines, car rental places like Sussex….. the list just goes on! On top of this, you might be a frequent flier point hoarder (*puts hand up* I will be the first to admit my obsession!) and suddenly your Excel spreadsheet becomes to cluttered and jumbled to keep track of. This is where Award Wallet comes in hand.
    With a super simple screen Award Wallet notifies you of your member numbers, points total, if you’ve used or gained more points and expiration dates. Simple and easy – I like it!
    It even e-mails you when your points are near expiry to tell you to use them – how great is that?!
  • Flight Control HD
    I find that it is always good to have at least one game to play when your sick of reading and just need to chill-out. Flight Control lets you be the air traffic controller making you land jumbos, light planes, and helicopters – but watch out and make sure they don’t crash! With multiple levels of different difficulty to choose from and the option to play in multi-player mode against a friend or over the Internet, Flight Control will defiantly keep you busy on crowded buses!
  • Friendly or MyPad
    Friendly is currently my pick for best Facebook Application on iPad. It operates much like the regular Facebook website offering easy access buttons to jump to your profile, friends, messages, and notifications. It also has a handy notification for friends birthdays and if you have game notifications (for games like FarmVille and Mobsters.)
    When looking at photos it gives you an awesome photo album flick options, as well as the usual options to comment and like or even download to your iPad.
    Whilst there is a Friendly Plus version I suggest in waiting a bit longer until Facebook (the real one!) makes their own app.
    If you want an iPad app which runs a bit more like the free Twitter App then check-out ‘MyPad’.
    The only real downside with both of these Apps is that unless you pay for the pro-version, they will run advertising down the bottom of the screen.
  • Kayak HD
    I love to get great travel deals and frequently use Kayak.com to find them. Now you can find these deals with a super user-friendly app for iPad. With simple options to looks up the best flights or hotel deals, I’ve just used Kayak to book two upcoming trips
  • Moleskine
    I am still a sucker for using a Moleskine notebook to sketch, jot down notes, or just use as a journal of my trip and the Moleskine app lets me continue to do this but in digital format. This app does take a little while to use (but that is coming from someone who didn’t read the instructions…) but when you learn it’s great. You can jot notes down with your finger or using the iPads keyboard, arrange your thoughts into folders.
  • iBooks
    iBooks is a free Apple app which allows you to read, well, just that – books! Perfect if your an audio-book listener or an e-book reader. I’m generally a paper in hand kind of girl but I’ve downloaded a few eBooks in .PDF version and instead of forking out $1.19 for a .PDF reader, I’m actually really happy with the simplicity that the iBooks App offers.
    Included in the App are bookmark functions, brightness adjustment, font size and style changes to make easy reading (only available to books) and print & email options (only for PDFs.)
    If you do have a Kindle, there is a Kindle app which allows you to sync your Kindles library with iPad.
  • Rough Guides: World Lens
    Sometimes everyone needs a little inspiration and that is precisely what Rough Guides: World Lens App provides. This App contains a huge array of photos taken by the team at Rough Guides from across the world. Dreaming of South Africa? Check out a stunning photo of Table Mountain. How about surfing Malolo Passage in Fiji? They have photos of all that and more.
    With search, favourite
  • TweetDeck or Twitter
    I am addicted to Twitter. From participating in Travellers Night In (#TNI) or Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT) to being able to have an audience to ask a question and receive great advice – Twitter is a great tool for travellers to use.
    I use TweetDeck as my main twitter source because the layout is very similar to the desktop version with the multiple columns. However, the Twitter App is very easy to use if you’re after a simple, basic app to use for your Tweeting!
  • WordPress
    I love the freedom to sit in a coffee shop and work on a blog post by using this WordPress app. Despite its simplicity, it does allow you to do most of the things you need – add posts, check comments and modify pages – however, a basic knowledge of HTML may help if you wish to change the style of your font before posting.
  • Zite
    Zite is an awesome app which uses your Twitter, Google Reader and Delicious feeds to create a personalised magazine. Over time the App will act like StumbleUpon in that you can thumb up or thumb down a story, or ask to read more by certain companies, authors or certain topics which teaches the App to learn what you like and give you more of it. It also has a handy sharing tool which allows you to connect with Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper or Delicious to share the stories you read or email it to friends.Do you use an iPad? What Apps do you recommend for travellers?

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  • Reply
    The Runanaway Guide
    May 12, 2011 at 4:29 am

    Cool, thanks for this. I didn’t know they had a wordpress app.
    Hey, do you want to exchange links?

    • Reply
      May 17, 2011 at 1:17 pm

      Hey Leif,
      Thanks for reading. 🙂 There is a WordPress app for iPad and iPhone – it’s pretty basic but gets the job done.
      Would be awesome to exchange links. I’ll get in contact with you on Twitter 🙂
      – Nicole

  • Reply
    Amanda @ Adventures All Around
    June 5, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Great list… Some I know and use, and others are I’m already looking for on the app store.

    One of my personal favorites is the Point It Book app… Was so good to see that one go digital!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012 at 5:18 am

    Great list! My favorite is the United Airlines app…they show you all the details of your reservation including the incoming flight status so that you can see if your plane has upstream delays.

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