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The end of the year is rapidly approaching and that means one thing – planning where you’d like to go in 2013 – and here you thought I was going to say shopping for holiday gifts!

Another year has passed and Europe and North America have continued to tempt me and so I’m hoping to make 2013 the year of Australasia, making shorter and cheaper trips around Australia, New Zealand and into Asia.
Having never visited New Zealand and with a number of good friends based there currently – I’m looking at you Beverley from Pack Your Passport – now it the perfect time for me to head across the Tasman to get a taste of what our sheep obsessed neighbours have to offer.

Here are just six of the adventures I’d like to take when in 2013.

Neevis Swing Bungee in New Zealand

1. Take on the Nevis Swing Bungee

I have a feeling that I’d be scared stiff if confronted with an actual bungee jump so that’s why I think the Nevis Swing Bungee is the ideal choice for me. The swing bungee arches out and allows you to swing through the canyon and under the bridge you jump from.

If you do want to bungee there is also the Nevis Bungee, the highest bungee in New Zealand at 134 metres,where you jump from the suspension hut in the middle of the canyon – yeah, I think I’ll take my chances with the swing!

Hells Gate Mud pools Rotorua New Zealand

2. Bath in the mud pools of Rotorua

Hell’s Gate is Rotorua’s most active geothermal park and the perfect place to soak in the sulfur springs and mud baths.
There is a choice between exploring the park, learning about how the geothermal pools are created and to see the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere; or maybe you’re like me and would rather take a sulphur spa and relax whilst taking a mud therapy – hey, sometimes a girl needs a little me time!

napier art deco city new zealand

3.  Visit Napier (the Art Deco City)

Think they 20’s are gone and dusted? Well they’re alive and well in Napier, New Zealand’s Art Deco city.
After being demolished by an earthquake in the 1930’s the city was rebuilt in the style of the time which represented the height of cosmopolitan taste, and a way to make the buildings look beautiful on a budget during the great depression.

The city is now maintained and under national trust, a perfect way to let visitors experience a little bit of history.

Baldwin Street, world's steepest street, in New Zealand

4. Climb the world’s steepest road (Baldwin Street, Dunedin)

It makes my legs sore just thinking about having to walk up and down this street but Baldwin Street in Dunedin is the worlds steepest residential street – and I want to climb it!
It’s only 350 metres long but with an incline of up to 19° it will have you gasping for breath the whole way to the top.

Skydive the Sound in New Zealand

5. Sky dive from the North Island into the South

Some ferry between the North and South islands, others prefer to fly, but I’d prefer to skydive! For the past three-years ‘Skydive the Sounds’ has been picking up passengers in Wellington and dropping them off into the town of Picton, on the South Island. Sounds like my cup of tea!

The Hobbit's Middle Earth in New Zealand

6. Unearth Middle Earth

Ever since the first Lord of the Rings movie was released in 2001, New Zealand has been known as the ‘Home of Middle-earth’ and with ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ being released in November the world is set to be wanting to explore more of the countries natural beauty which is heavily featured in the movies; or take a tour to Hobbiton movie set to get a real taste of how the movies were made.

This post is sponsored by Tourism New Zealand.
As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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