Have you been bitten by the travel bug? I have too!

Bitten by the Travel Bug was created for people who don’t fit neatly into a box when they travel. We are adventurers who seek culture, adventure, and a little bit of luxury now matter our budget. For us, travel begins the moment we walk out the front door.

Bitten by the Travel Bug is the place to come if you’re seeking experiential stylish cultural journeys with a dash of luxury on a reasonable budget.

Here you’ll find quality content. I won’t be sharing a new listicle every day, but rather search far and wide to give you quality content from my own research and experience


My Background

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia – known for our small big-city vibe and vineyards – I grew to love the rush and thrill of travelling to bigger cities in Australia and abroad with my family. During one of these journeys, I was firmly bitten by the travel bug and now, armed with my passport, camera, and red scarf, I’m ready to explore every inch of this fascinating world!

I’m often asked why a blog. On the first day of university, the head of Journalism department stood in front of the first year students and told us that “to be a Journalist, you need to know how to do everything“. With a background in radio and television, I recognised that writing was my weakness.
It wasn’t until near the end of the first semester when researching for my first solo international trip that I discovered a lack of honest, opinion-based travel writing; and none written for an Australian audience. That was when the idea for Bitten by the Travel Bug was born.

Today, Bitten by the Travel Bug is an established travel blog with a mission to inspire and inform readers to travel to more places, more often.

Now I’m working in advertising, as a travel blogger, and freelance writer in Melbourne, Australia. I am fortunate that my work is somewhat flexible so that I am able to continue studying my (double) Masters degree and pursuing work that I love, including stints working in television and radio.

I can’t wait to see where in the world I go next and hope you’ll share your journey with me.

PS: Be sure to stay in touch with me
and share your travel stories, photos, and tips as well!

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial in NYC

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