Case Study: ANZ Travel Card

In June 2015, Bitten by the Travel Bug partnered with ANZ Australia to give away a pre-loaded $1,600 Travel Money Card and a double pass to the National Geographic Live! event. (View the Terms & Conditions here.)

The promotional period ran from June 24th til June 30th, 2015, and parallel to the Bitten by the Bug giveaway, Young Blood Travel (the blog of Tully Smyth, a popular former Big Brother contestant) also ran a separate giveaway; with yTravelBlog hosting a competition at a later date.

The giveaway was launched to promote ANZ Travel Card.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway included a prize of:

  • 1x $1,600 ANZ Travel Card and 1 double pass to the National Geographic Live! event
  • 3 minor prize winners will each receive 1 double pass to the National Geographic Live! event in their choice of available locations.

The giveaway was launched on bittenbythetravelbug.com with a blog post detailing budget travel tips to an international city of her choice (London, UK) and the competition thread hosted on Bitten by the Travel Bug’s Facebook page.
Nicole promoted her post and Facebook thread through a variety of channels, not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ANZ Australia also shared the post on their Facebook and Twitter page.

Results – bittenbythetravelbug.com

There were 148 entries for the contest in the five-day period.

In the five-day period the competition ran, the associated blog post ‘Tips to Save Money in London‘ received over 6,800 visits.

On the blog post, 11 comments were left. It was shared 26 times on Twitter, 1, 490 times on Facebook, 90 times on Pinterest, 4 times on Google+, and once on StumbleUpon.

In the 25 days following the post going live, the post was visited 14,269 times*, shared 50 times on Twitter, 3,130 times on Facebook, 210 times on Pinterest and 6 times on Google+.

There were 48 new subscribers to Bitten by the Travel Bug’s newsletter during the 25 days surrounding the competition, and Bitten by the Travel Bug has been visited 44,464 (pageviews) times.

In general, bittenbythetravelbug.com averages 40,000 page views per month with 25-30,000 unique visitors. Bitten by the Travel Bug’s Facebook page has 3,444 Likes and @NicoleTravelBug has 4,744 Followers.


The competition Facebook post was seen by 4,024 people and had a total of 300 Likes, Comments & Shares, including, 82 Likes, 148 Comments, 20 Shares just on Bitten by the Travel Bug’s FB page.
There were 706 Post Clicks, broken down into 564 Photo views, 6 Link clicks and 136 Other Clicks – which would have been to the links in the description box).
This translates to an engagement rate of 107%.

The second Facebook post was seen by 806 people and had a total of 18 Likes, Comments & Shares, including 34 post clicks.
This translates to a 20.2% engagement rate.




On Twitter, five posts were shared, which received 1,188 impressions and 28 engagements.
There were 13 Favourites and 9 link clicks. The competition was shared by another reader and resulted in 2 RTs and 2 Favourites.

@NicoleTravelBug has 14,368 Twitter followers.



London is often a the top of the ‘most expensive city’ lists,
but there are dozens of ways to save money in the city! ??✈️
To enter, click on the link in the profile!
Check out my latest post for some top tips
(and an exciting competition to WIN a $1,600 ANZ Travel Money Card
+ tickets to your local National Geographic event!!)
| @ANZ_au #Spon |

A photo posted by Nicole Smith (@nicoletravelbug) on

Nicole also shared the competition on Instagram. She featured the competition link in @NicoleTravelBug Instagram profile for the five days and posted a photo inviting people to read and participate on June 28th.
This image generated 68 likes during the giveaway period (an engagement of 1.43%) on an account with 4,744 followers.

Results – comparing results

Running in parallel to Bitten by the Travel Bug’s competition, Tulley Smyth – former Big Brother contestant and blogger behind Young Blood Travel – also hosted the same giveaway.


Tully Smyth’s Facebook page, where the competition was held, has over 46,000 Likes. The giveaway threat received 41 entries and 9 likes (an engagement rate of 0.11%). Her follow-up Facebook post received 7 likes (an engagement rate of 0.15%).


On Twitter, the giveaway tweets (excluding @ANZ_AU’s) received 16 Favourites and 2 Retweets.
At the time of composing this case study, the @tee_smyth account has 78, 786 followers.

When posted on the ANZ Australia Facebook page, these were the results between the two participants.


Bitten by the Travel Bug’s post captured 0.48% engagement, whilst Young Blood Travel captured only 0.05% engagement.

As you can see, Bitten by the Travel Bug provided content optimised for engaging audiences and sharing.

The ANZ Australia Facebook has 201,000 Likes.

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Please note: since the time of publication, the Tully Smyth FB post numbers have increased due to ANZ extending the competition period and adding a Facebook advertising budget to her social channel.

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