The Edinburgh Finge Festival from inside the Pleasance

If there’s one place to visit whilst you’re at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it’s the Pleasance.

The area set in Edinburgh’s old town is one of the hubs of the Fringe and commands an impressive line-up of acts from around the world and in a variety of disciplines. With so many acts on it’s hard to decide what to see and so here are five acts that I recommend you see!

Adam Kane from Amateur Transplant performs inside the Pleasance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay’s Bum Note

Now going it alone, Amateur Transplants frontman, Adam Kay, is back at the Edinburgh Fringe singing songs about everything from parody’s of Lady Gaga, songs sounds Milo and… songs about Iranian men.
With a medical background, Kay is a trained Doctor, many of the songs have medical themes but every performance will leave you giggling in your seat and wondering what he’s going to say next from his seat at the grand piano.

Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay’s Bum Note is definitely not for the easily offended!

For more information about Amateur Transplants see his website.

Move over Shakespeare: Othello: The Remix being performed at Pleasance during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Othello – The Remix

Teachers and parents take note: if you want your students or kids to learn Shakespeare then this is the way to do it.
One part hip hop, one part storytelling. Mix it all together with some sweet DJ approved beats and you have the recipe for successful learning – without even realising you’re doing it.
The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre take the story of Othello, with stories of love and betrayal, and translate it into a modern-day story which everyone can laugh and better relate to than the original books.

For more information about the show be sure to check out Othello – The Remix on the Edinburgh Fringe site.

The Two Worlds of Charlie F performing at the Pleasance during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Two Worlds of Charlie F

On the first take, I didn’t quite know what to make of ‘The Two Worlds of Charlie F’. Poignant, powerful but there was another word to describe it that just alluded me at the time – inspiring.
Each of these men and women are soldiers who have been injured in service and share their personal experience of being wounded, injured or sick and used theatre to help rehabilitate they are now performing inside the Pleasance in a dark comedy which is deeply moving.
A surprise find and definitely a show I highly recommend that you see.

For more information about their upcoming shows be sure to visit the Bravo 22 Company website.

Inside the Pleasance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival watching Horrible HIstories

Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain

If you thought that learning history was boring then you haven’t seen Horrible Histories perform.
Performed on the motto”We all what to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!” watch as they reenact history through catchy songs, laugh-out-loud dances, and.. uhrm, ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ with Guy Fawkes! Plenty of laughs are guaranteed and best of all you’ll be learning things about Britain’s history without even realising it.

For more information about their shows view the Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain site.

Boys with Tape on his Face perfroming at the Pleasance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Boy with Tape on His Face

From New Zealand, The Boy with Tape on His Face is in Edinburgh performing his second show, ‘More Tape’. Think a mad mix of comic brilliance between Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney and you have something close to the boy. Using everyday items to create a story – think toothbrush propellors and toilet paper finish lines – and plenty of audience participation, your imagination will be stretched and sometimes you’ll realise that the best shows don’t need words to enjoy.

To learn more about the Boy with Tape on His Face and performances see his website.

I was able to experience a taste of the Pleasance thanks to Edinburgh Festivals

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