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Below you can find some of my favorite travel-related resources.

NOTE: I always suggest searching for flights and hotels in an incognito browser window. (If you’re using Chrome as your browser, simply go to File > New Incognito Window.) This ensures that the site isn’t saving any information (cookies) about your searches, that therefore means that you’ll actually see the best deals!

The Best Resources to Plan Your Travels

Finding Cheap Flights

Skyscanner Kayak Momondo

Skyscanner: adada

Kayak: adaaa

Momondo: adada

Bonus Tips for Flying in Comfort

Seat Guru:  Find the perfect seat every team by using Seat Guru. It shows you a graphic of the aircraft of each airline and indicates which are the best (and worst) seats for maximum comfort on every flight.

PriorityPass: Feel like you are in Business class when you are in Economy by starting your trip at an airport lounge. If you are a regular traveller then Priority Pass is a great investment to make travel a bit more comfortable.

For Singaporeans, or those travelling through Changi regularly, I’d also recommend you compare the Plaza Premium Lounge Pass to the PriorityPass and decide which is best for your needs.

Lounge Buddy: if you don’t have frequent flyer status or a Priority Pass, or perhaps only fly a few times a year, consider checking out Lounge Buddy to make your time at the airport more comfortable. You can purchase lounge access for as little as $15 and indulge in free WiFi, food, drinks, and perhaps even a shower!

FlightRadar24: If you aren’t flying today but want to geek out then this is the app for you. It’s a real time flight map that shows you the exact location of almost every flight and the information about the aircraft. I use it regularly to check if my flight – or friends – are arriving on time or have a delayed departure.

Finding Accommodation HotelsCombined Agoda
airbnb Hostelworld – aaa

HotelsCombined – aaaa

Agoda – If you are travelling in Asia

Airbnb – After my very first stay with airbnb in Paris some 8+ years ago I have been fairly loyal to the company. Unlike its competitors – and believe me I have tested them all – I have found the quality of their properties to be the best and, should there be any issues, the customer service is very good.
I stand by airbnb so firmly that I am an airbnb host and have my guest room in Melbourne listed exclusively on their website.

For $35 towards your first airbnb booking, please click this link.

Hostelworld – While my favourite way to travel is to sleep in the comfort of a luxury hotel, I have stayed in some undeniably cool luxury hostels on my travels. When I do want to stay at a hostel, I always book through Hostelworld for the best price.

City or Overland Travel Resources

Eurail RailEurope

Eurail: if ——– Eurail. —-


12Go: If you are travelling by bus or train ——

Bonus Tip for Overland Travel Resources:

Seat61: adadada

Travel Gear

Trialled and tested gear, most which has lasted me years of frequent travel and use.

Samsonite Hyperspinner Antler ?? Samsonite Backpack
Packing Cubes DryBag
PacSafe Portable Safe
Portable CHarger WD Portable HD GoPro Hero 7
Sassind Witchery
Country Road

Samsonite suitcases: aaaa I have tried their big suitcases, I have tried their carry-on, backpacks and even their $30 duffle bags and still Samsonite continues to exceed my expectations for durability, reliability and customer service.

I’ve been using a Samsonite Hyperspinner for the last 8-years and am devastated the company are focusing almost solely on hard side suitcases instead of soft side bags now. A softside suitcase offers far more protection (if you pack it right) and can stretch around whatever treasures you have packed. They have pockets in all the right places and are considerably lighter than the hard side bags. Mine has endured several hundred flights and if you don’t look at it up close and see the wear and tear, it looks brand new!

If you are on a budget, consider Samsonite’s little sister brand American Tourister. Their bags are bright, colourful, and extremely competitively priced. As they’re owned by Samsonite you know the quality and durability will be second to none.

Antler suitcases: while Samsonite is my go-to suitcase brand, my carry-on is a small Antler Bond Street which has been following me around the world for going on 9-years. Aside from a few wear and tear issues, and a strip of poorly designed leather on the front which is now ripped, this bag has been my best friend and accompanied me on road trips, two hair raising boat trips where it was literally bouncing on the front of a longboat in Borneo, and countless flights.

Samsonite backpack: I’ll be honest, I’ve been using a ??? on most long-haul flights for the past year, but that was due to my old Samsonite backpack simply not having the space required for my camera. This has all changed with the purchase of a new Samsonite XR??.

Packing Cubes: Some people bemoan these, some people sing their praises. I’m in between. I always travel with packing cubes, but in monderation. I have four that are colour coded. The two large ones are for pants and tops. The smaller ones are for underwear/bras and socks + accessories (like a spare belt or scarf). It makes it easy for me to locate items when I’m in a rush and protect other things like toiletries from being ruined in-transit.

DryBag: If you are doing any water based activity, pack a DryBag. I use mine as a place to store valuables when I’m snorkeling or on boat trips and place these inside my day bag. It makes it really easy to locate phones, cameras and keys. They are also fantastic for sandy/muddy shoes or wet clothes. Their material can be easily washed out when you get to your next destination.

PacSafe Portable Safe: —

Cygnett Portable Charger: I own way too many powerbanks, most gifts from clients or conferences, but the one I always pack is my Cygnett Portable Charger. I own the 10,000mAh version which gives my iPhone three full charges before it needs to be recharged. Also, with dual USB port you can charge two devices on the go!

Travel Guides

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet makes my favorite travel guides. I no longer buy the books — instead, I buy their PDFs, save them to my Dropbox, then open them in iBooks on my iPhone. You can also buy single chapters from most guidebooks, which is convenient if you’re only visiting one city or region in a country.

Favourite Travel Planning Sites

  • airbnb – I’ve used airbnb as both a traveller and as a host, and I love it! Cool places to stay, feel like a local, and cheaper than hotels. I call that a win!
  • Eurail – plan and buy your European rail journey online with their easy to use site.
  • Hilton Worldwide – part of a larger family of hotels, Hilton’s are my choice of hotels when travelling. From their comfortable Garden Inn brand to their luxury Conrad and Waldorf=Astoria properties, you’ll always be able to find somewhere comfortable.
  • Hostelworld – if you prefer your luxury on a budget find your hip hostel stay through Hostelworld.
  • Skyscanner – you always want to find the best deal on flights and Skyscanner offers this after searching through a number of partner airlines websites and other booking aggregates.
  • Qantas Airways– as an Australian I choose to fly with Qantas and their OneWorld partners on as many flights as I can.
  • Uber – a personal driver in your pocket! Book, track the location of your drive and pay without exchanging cash. Works in many major cities around the world.
  • Viator – by booking a tour through this link you’ll be supporting this website. Viator offer huge range of tours around the world and most at very reasonable prices!

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