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Hey there! For the first time since I launched the blog, I am opening Bitten by the Travel Bug up for guest posts from bloggers and passionate writers!

Bitten by the Travel Bug is all about inspiring travellers to travel the world in style with a focus on boutique luxury experiences and cultural travel.

Posts must be solo-travel friendly. I am not looking for ‘travelling as a couple’-style articles at this time.

I am currently looking for these specific articles (but feel free to pitch other ideas!):

  • ‘Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Flying‘ – tips and remedies to help relax and reassure a fearful fliers nerves. Minimum: 600 words.
  • Articles about the following cities:
    USA: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas (city and National Parks), Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay
    EUROPE: London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Vatican, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Prague
    MIDDLE EAST: Dubai, Israel, Turkey, Qatar

Flying and other transport

  • Tips for Transiting [Airport Name] – tips on how to enjoy a transit in the airport. Must see/do attractions. Information on pay-as-you-go lounges. Etc.
  • How to do a 24/48 Hour Layover in [City] – how to spend a short layover in a city while still getting a taste for what the city is all about.


  • The Coolest Boutique Hotels in [city/area]: everyone deserves a little luxury each evening
  • 20+ Best Things to do in [city/area]: and the reasons why people should visit (prefer some non-obvious spots in the mix)
  • Day trips from [city/area]: a minimum of 5-day trips from your chosen city and the reasons why people should visit.
  • Tips to Save Money in [city/area]: this is no budget travel guide. This is a way to have a boutique luxury experience but finding creative ways to save money. (Eg. airbnb a chic apartment, free museum days, etc.)

Think we’ll be a perfect match? Got another story idea? Fill in the contact form below and let’s talk!

Please note: if you are looking to place a link to a business (other than a blog), please contact me and we can discuss rates for sponsored posts and other advertising.

What I offer:

  • Author bio including 1 do-follow website/blog link and up to 2 social media links.
  • 1-2 do-follow links within the post directing to blog posts/articles on your site about a similar/relevant topic.
  • Social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest tagging your social media handles.

Specific guidelines:

  • Minimum word count: 1,200+ (the longer, the better providing you stay on topic! Longer and more informative articles rank better in search engines which is a win/win for both of us!)
  • 100% original content only. I will be running it through programs I have access to ensure this.
  • 3-5 images per post. If they’re your own images I will be crediting you for them in the metadata. If you don’t have enough personal images, I’m happy to assist you in sourcing them from tours, hotels, or Flickr CC. Please, no logo overlay on these images. Your information will be included in the description and meta-tags to ensure all rights remain yours.
  • Images need to be a minimum of 1150px x 750px.
  • Please include a short bio of yourself with your chosen links.
  • When emailing, please send via. email (zip file preferred. Images NOT included within the article), DropBox, or Google Drive (Images uploaded separately, NOT in the article).
  • I would love you to share the post with your community (it’s win/win for both of us!) and also check back from time-to-time to answer any questions that may arise.
  • I may insert affiliate links.
  • I may edit the text to make it read in a similar style to other content on Bitten by the Travel Bug.

Post Templates: (more coming soon)

  • 20+ Best Things to do in city/area template – here.
  • Day trips from city/area template – here.
  • Tips for transiting in [city] template – here.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute fill in the form below or email me at [email protected]

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