Suite dreams in the Hilton Barcelona

The newly refurbished Hilton Barcelona in Spain is ultra modern and chic

Having left the brilliant Roomorama property I’d been staying for the last few days I was originally going to take a Eurail to Nice, France for Bastille Day – turns out the world had other plans for me. Stuck in the train station for seven hours resulted in me missing any possible train or connection that would get me there. Grumbling and groaning I realised that meant that I’d need to spend at least one more day in Barcelona but I was faced with nowhere to sleep.

Being the height of summer I was in a bit of a pickle as most of the hostels nearby were fully booked, so I fell back on my ever trusty backup plan – I was going to stay at a Hilton.

With many business conferences on in the city I was lucky to find an available room at the Hilton Barcelona Hotel on Avda Diagonal, the newly refurbished and business orientated of the two Hilton’s in the city, and my day seemed to get even better when my HHonors Diamond member status got me upgraded to a suite.

Hilton Barcelona suite has a beautiful entrance including dining table and modern fittings

Walking into the room straight away you are offered the choice of sitting at the meeting tables (pictured above) or to relax in the full-sized lounge suite (below). The bright lime and orange of the cushions and carpet off-setting the modern sand colour couches and adding a real Spanish zing to the hotel room leaving you feeling relaxed but revitalised whilst you chill out before exploring the city.

The Hilton Barcelona Lounge with it's bright tropical colours and sand tones helps you feel at home

The suite in the Hilton Barcelona has a beautiful simple workspace

After cooling off on under the air conditioner on the couch I begun my usual assault, taking over the workspace, connecting to the wi-fi (complimentary if you are a Gold or Diamond Hilton Honors member) and reading up on some reading, both emails and blogs – shhh!, that I had missed whilst in Pamplona running with the bulls.

Bed in the Hilton Barcelona suite

Hilton beds, except those in their London Euston property, are by far some of the best beds to choose if you travel and want a comfortable nights sleep. With a special range of sweet dreams mattress toppers being rolled out, hopefully worldwide, the topper helps to enhance the mattress and create a softer and more peaceful sleep, and sleep well I did for all three nights!

The Hilton Barcelona's suite has a very modern wardrobe which, when the door slides back, reveals the bar on the other side

One of my favourite features of the room was quite a simple one but a great space-saving idea. On the left-hand side, pictured in the photo showing the workspace, is the bar, including fully stocked mini-bar, tea and coffee items and regular glass set. Roll-back the mosaic-inspired glass door and on the right-hand side you will find a wardrobe complete with trouser press, iron, and slippers & gown. Not only was it beautifully designed but eliminated the need for extra handles and doors which can get scuffed and damaged after much use.

Newly refurbished Hilton Barcelona has a beautiful contemporary bathroom with beday

A good bathroom can make-or-break a hotel experience and the bathrooms at the Hilton Barcelona were definitely a ‘make’ experience. I’m a sucker for clean lines and design and with everything having its own place – and that’s exactly what the bathroom provided. With a rainforest style shower head, but no shower door – don’t be too concerned because of the depth of the shower your floor won’t get too wet, you could have a relaxing, well-pressured shower each day.
And if you are into using a bidet then they provide one for use as well… personally, I’m not bold enough to try to use one yet.

One other mention I will make is that the Executive Lounge, available for all guests on the executive or suite levels or holding Gold Elite or higher status, is quite a pleasant affair. If you prefer to leave your laptop at home and need to access the Internet there are six computers set-up for use as well as an array of local and foreign newspapers and magazines. They also feature a TV and lounge area, as well as offering a selection of snacks and drinks throughout the day & cocktails and canapes in the evening.
If a sit-down meal is more your choice there are options both on the Executive Floor or in the foyer on the ground floor; also in the foyer is a fully stocked bar to help you unwind from your day.

As previously mentioned the Hilton Barcelona is the more business orientated hotel in the city. If you are looking for a more family orientated hotel, complete with an outdoor pool, be sure to consider the Hilton Diagonal Mar hotel which is situated a few blocks from the beach.

Situated close to Barcelona Sants (train station) the Hilton Barcelona Hotel is a fantastic choice if you want to be a little removed from the family atmosphere or you are looking for a well-positioned hotel with a business vibe.


Hilton Barcelona Hotel hilton hotels & resorts logo
Avda Diagonal, 589-591
Barcelona, Spain  08014

Website: Hilton Barcelona Hotel

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