How to prepare for a culture shock when travelling as a college student

So the travel plans are set, the flight is tomorrow, and you are all excited to see a whole new world. But as soon as you step on to the new place, you hate the weather, find the food inedible, and all you want to do is go back to the familiarity that is home.

The years in college would offer a lot of opportunities to explore the world. Whether it is to study abroad or for the love of travel, these journeys could help to shape life for the future.

Ok, now you are thinking that there is hardly enough time to finish all the assignments, so how are you ever going to find time to travel? It is indeed possible. Now there are online professionals who can help through all the extra work from college. Assign the work to essay writers, and never worry about procrastinating again. Once this extra load off your hands, there would be more than enough time left to travel.

However, moving or travelling abroad might not always be as you imagined. You might get to the other part of the world, and that yearning for the home might start. So, let us see how it can be overcome.

What is Cultural Shock?

In simple words, cultural shock is what you might experience in a new place when you are not able to adapt to the changes.

It might sound simple and something that should not even be bothered about. But when it is a culture entirely different to what one is used to, it might take a toll on the body and mind.

Stages of Cultural Shock

So how does this work? Unless you are dreading the travel, the chances are that it is all about excitement and that, precisely is the first stage. Here are the other stages of cultural shock.

  • Honeymoon Stage: Where you are too happy and enthusiastic to even bother about the cultural shock.
  • Negotiation Stage: Everything is wrong, you get irritated about how people live, talk and even breathe.
  • Adjustment Stage: By now, you have realized that it is probably the mind and it can make all the changes for you to be happy. You have come to terms with the fact that you are just going to adjust.
  • Mastery Stage: You made some effort, made few friends, roamed around a little, and now you can even be a local guide.

As much as it might sound like a routine, there are a few hacks that could help to get to the last stage a lot faster.

How to be Ready for Cultural Shock

While it is not entirely avoidable, there are still a few things that can prepare one for the changes.

  • Learn as much as possible about the new place. Now with the internet, finding information is not at all a problem. Find out how the weather is like, how the food is and how to even dress for the culture.
  • Get expert advice or talk to people who have already been there, get a first hand to advise from them.
  • Make friends at the other end. If the travel is to study abroad, try to connect with some students in the same university online. Once there, stay active going to different places or joining a community.
  • Learn a bit of the local language, basic phrases like how to say hi, bye and thank you.
  • Last and not the least, never hesitate to pack a few extra things. A picture frame of the loved ones could make all the difference when you are in a strange land.

Final Takeaway

Cultural shock is something that can’t be avoided altogether. But it is a part of the whole experience so embrace it, fight through it, and you would even fall in love with the new place. And never let it stop you from embarking on new journeys.

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