Korean BBQ 101 in Sydney

Sydney and Melbourne seem to be the metropolises for both Aussie-based bloggers and visiting travel bloggers so there was no doubt in my mind that whilst I was in Sydney for the Red Bull X-Fighters Final that I needed to arrange to catch up with some of the great writers filling my RSS feeds. Chris from Aussie on the Road and I have been tweeting for a while now and so it was only a natural progression that we finally met up in Sydney for some delicious dinner and a good chat about all things travel and blogging.

Meeting Chris at one of his favourite watering holes, we soon were confronted with what to choose for dinner. Being in Sydney, Australia’s biggest capital city, a diverse array of food was located within walking distance of our city centre location.
Whilst settled back into Australian life now, Chris has spent just over two-years teaching ESL in South Korea and as I soon learnt he loves a good Korean BBQ. With that information known we were soon headed up the flight of stairs into BBQ City for one of the most delicious Korean meals I’ve experienced.

I left all the meat cutting to Chris - he seemed rather pleased about it.

Although I’d eaten Korean before I haven’t had anything as delicious as Korean BBQ and Chris gave me a “Korean BBQ 101” lesson on how to create the most delicious tasting dish.

Step 1 – Cook the Meat

We kept it simple and chose two types of meat – beef ribs and fillet – and, because since prehistoric times man has enjoyed ripping flesh apart, I left the cutting of the meat to Chris. (He did a pretty good job – just see the photo above of him armed with the scissors!)

At this particular restaurant the BBQ area is built into the table you are seated at meaning you get to cook the meal exactly the way you like it with the mini-tongs, and if your BBQ plate gets dirty from the remnants of cooked meat, the waiters will change it for you.

Step 2 – Turn the Meat and add the extras.

In addition to the meat you get mushrooms and multiple plates of Kimchi. Whilst I happily left the mushrooms for Chris to devour, the cabbage and chilli kimchi was a delicious addition when cooked!

Step 3 – Place some Kimchi and meet inside of the provided lettuce cup

With the meat and kimchi plates you also get a basket full of lettuce cups. In a similar fashion to how San Choy Bao is created, you simply take a lettuce cup, add some kimchi…

Step 4 – Add some more (delicious) meat!

…don’t forget to include some meat (I recommend dipping it into the peanut? sauce) fold it up…

Step 5 – Eat it (and make a face of delight like Chris’!)

…and then bite into it (and pull a “Oh-my-gosh this is so delicious”-face like Chris!)

(Optional but highly recommended!) Step 6 – Wash it down with a shot of Soju!

Whilst eating Korean BBQ Chris decided to introduce me to another thing he found in Korea – Soju!

I even got an education about the customs associated with drinking in Korea. This included that the youngest (legal aged) person in the group pours for the whole group and when doing so you put the hand which is not pouring on the forearm of the pouring arm, which traditionally stopped your sleeve from falling into the food or drink. I gave pouring a shot and found it rather difficult to coordinate so many movements at one time – I suppose practice makes perfect!

Soju can be compared to a very VERY strong form of vodka and is lethal (to us at least) even when sharing a small bottle between two. I’m a vodka fan this stuff was not fun to just shots so I was thankful when Chris got a can of Coke to dilute the taste.

Step 7 – Eat the rest of the Kimchi!

One of the main reasons I love Korean is the kimchi. You order a meal and more often than not you will get an extra six small side-dishes and best yet – each restaurant does different dishes which always keeps things interesting!

I was always under the assumption that kimichi was the combination of all the little dishes but has since learnt that kimchi is only the fermented cabbage dish (which is still delicious!) At BBQ city we were greeted with plates which included an egg fritatta, marinated tofu and soy beans as well as side plates of garlic, jalepenos (real one!) and an interesting sauce which I believe was samjjang, or soy bean paste.

It was great to finally meet up with another Aussie travel bloggers (and his friend Bel!) but unluckily for me I couldn’t meet-up with more bloggers the next day to take part in the Great Nomads Chase because I was going to be on Cockatoo Island. So cheers to Chris for showing me a delicious place to eat Korean BBQ and then for introducing me to his friend Bel and the Shark Bar – I don’t think the sight of fully sick wog boys with mullets and wearing trackies will ever leave my mind.

You can catch Chris talking all things travel on Aussie on the Road as well as on Twitter @AussieontheRoad – he won’t bite. Promise!


BBQ City is a Korean restaurant located on Level 1, 116-120 Liverpool St, Sydney near the Haymarket district. The restaurant is located between Pitt St. and George St.


Google Map for BBQ City Sydney



This is just one of the many things I got up to in my down time from being a Red Bull MOBILE Scout and flown to Sydney to see the Red Bull X-Fighters Final on Cockatoo Island. To check-out the Scout blog click here or to see what other cheeky things I got up to when not scouting around Sydney click here.


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    Dave @ One Tour One
    April 1, 2012 at 12:43 am

    Awesome. I’ve recently become a total nutcase over Korean food, BBQ in particular and more than that… Korean Fried Chicken, it is probably now one of my favorite things on the planet and I have a very unhealthy craving for it all of the time.

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    December 22, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Sydney is brilliant for Korean restaurants!! I had my first Bibimbap experience there 🙂

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