London City Blues

Feeling kind of low? Dark clouds threatening rain overhead? Tired of tube strikes causing havoc in your every day commute? Depressed with the stares you get from the pass-byers as you walk the streets of the city?¬†Chances are you’ve caught the London city blues.

Perhaps it’s only me but as the sun begins to set earlier and the sky seems to permanently be stuck in varying shades of grey, my mood is turning slightly sour. I long for the warm November air of the southern hemisphere. The sizzle of a snag on the barbie or the feeling of elation when you dive into the ocean for the first time for the summer.

After weighing up my options, I quit my (depressing) job as an office clerk/shop assistant in Baker Street and headed to the green pastures of Ireland for a two-week blitz of the east-coast in a bid to shake off the negative energy I had gathered in London before heading to Copenhagen, Denmark for TBEX Europe.
The adventures I had in Ireland and Copenhagen did me good, but as it became colder (and my bank balance became bleaker) I decided that infact it was time to head home for the summer to reassess what I wanted to do with the next year of my life and to save for the next venture.

So this is it then. As I post this I am sitting in Heathrow Airport awaiting the sweet sound of an Aussie accent announcing that I can now board QF30 to Melbourne via. Hong Kong.

So goodbye London City Blues. I will be back soon, but for now I’m looking forward to saying G’day to my mates back Down Under.

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    Eurotrip Tips
    December 30, 2010 at 9:32 am

    I understand the feeling. London weather can be quite heavy sometimes, especially for an Aussie, I guess! I’m used to have nights setting in at 4PM and grey days here in Montreal, so it wasn’t that bad for me, but still, I reckon it can be quite daunting!

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