Missing those you leave behind…

To date, the hardest thing for me hasn’t been culture shocks, language barriers, being homeless or even living with children for 2-months – it’s leaving those I love behind.

When I say it’s leaving those I love behind I don’t simply refer to family and friends back in Australia, but the ‘family’ and friends I’ve met on the road. Everyone from my American ‘Dad’ to the three girls I met in the middle of Times Square at 3am or the British guy I met at camp but have continued chatting since and am now planning a road trip to visit friends in Wales! Traveling is tough because it feels like you meet so many people for short periods of time, but just as soon as you meet them you part ways and head off on your next adventure.

I’ve found my homesickness has bitten me particularly badly in the last fortnight – I think it’s because it’s the first place where I have had no real ‘plans’ as such, I’m stressing myself out trying to find a job and a place to live, and I don’t know anyone in London so I feel a bit lonely. So when my Dad spoke to me on the phone earlier this week and gave me the chance of coming home I almost accepted.
After thinking about it, I’ve decided I’m going to suck it up and give London a real shot.
Now I have job hunting out of the way, and house hunting is happening slowly, I am going to start finding friends and exploring this amazing city I am in starting with coffee and the Eid festival in Trafalgar with meeting Dylan, the Travelling Editor, tomorrow!

Luckily in todays modern age everyone is connected by facebook, twitter, mobile phones, MSN, skype  and a host of other applications to make communication even easier great for those traveling; but for me theres something more genuine, more real, about sitting down and enjoying a coffee/beer and discussing what’s new rather than speaking to someone through a computer or mobile.

It’s merely a small bout of homesickness and  I’ll get over it soon enough but for now I want to send a big shout out to those I’ve met along the winding road that is travel and a big ‘G’day’ to all my friends and family back home.

Happy traveling!

(image used care of ~iamabaka)

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    Tam Hansson
    November 24, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    I am just about the embark on quite a similar journey except the destinations are around the other way… doing LDN to work for 6 months then going to NY to live/study… for at least 2 years AND i already feel homesick!
    im 25 and never set foot out of Australia, kinda went backwards actually, I finished uni, got a real job (or something like that) bought a house, and now have been accepted to study further in the US….
    Thanks so much for your cool blog, I hope you keep it updated! I’ll be hitting London town in about 3 weeks hopefully – waiting on that UK visa too…. lol
    Hope you’ve settled by now! 🙂

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