My Favourite ‘James Bond’ Locations!

The James Bond movies are a phenomenon which will be sure to go on for many years to come; the smart attire, glamorous actors and of course, the exotic locations are just some of the attractions which have had us glued to our screens since it first hit the cinema in 1962, with the unforgettable Sean Connery as 007 himself.

It is difficult to choose from the long list of exciting locations which have featured in James Bond movies, but I have managed to whittle the list down to my favourite James Bond locations of all time.

One perfect day in Paris, France - view of city

Paris – Eiffel Tower

In ‘A View to Kill’ we see James Bond, played by Roger Moore, climb up the Eiffel Tower using his jet pack. The views over the stunning city of Paris make this one of the top locations to feature in a James Bond movie.

Gran Canale - Venice, Italy

Venice – Italy

Italy has always been an intriguing country, which is why the scene in ‘Moonraker Bond’ with Roger Moore is one of the favourites from the James Bond movies. Italy has been featured several times in the James Bond saga, including ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and the more recent ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’.


Hamburg – Germany

Germany is a stunning country and the scenes in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ with Pierce Brosnan as 007 shows it in all its glory.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague – Czech Republic

Played by the most recent Bond actor, Daniel Craig, Prague is featured in ‘Quantum of Solace’ where we get some good views of the capital city of the Czech Republic. There are not many scenes in Prague as it is featured just at the start of the movie, but they are still enough to entice you to want to see more.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo – Monaco

With the bright lights and stunning casinos, Monte Carlo is one of the places most people aspire to visit in their lifetime. This beautiful location features in Dr.No in 1962, where Bond is played by the much loved, Sean Connery. The movie is unforgettable, not just because of the fascinating location, but also as it the first time he utters the infamous line ‘Bond, James Bond’, which has become a phenomenon of its own.

There is no doubting that the James Bond movies have offered us a delightful combination of glitz, glamour and style, which is why they continue to be loved around the world.


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