Spring Cleaning the (soon to be) Traveller’s Wardrobe

During High School one of my best friends was a hoarder. I’m not talking a little hoarder, you know the type that keeps their hoarding to one type of object, spoons for example; no this friend hoarded everything from art books, to posters of her favourite bands (you could not see her walls), to clothes she was going to fit into again but were too cute to throw out and even little trinket objects. You could not turn any which way without encountering a pile of, well to me it was crap.

In a weird way I was jealous of her hoarding skills. I just liked that she had pretty things you could look at whilst I had… well, nothing. My families home, despite living there for 20-years, was a clutter free zone. Sure we had the occasional Barbie doll mess or the end of year book piles but it was always cleaned up pronto. In secret I begun collecting things. Forget my stamp colletcion (yes, I was one of those kids) and forget pokemon cards I started collecting trinkets, notes I passed with friends in class and of course pretty stickers and paper which I couldn’t bare to use but couldn’t get rid of until I used it. As I turned into a teen I found a love of shoes. Then clothes, and now I’m at the point of being unable to fit all my ‘crap’ into my closet.

Learning about eBay

I had already decided I was going to do something about my hoarding ways and after talking to Beverley from Pack Your Passport she gave me the perfect inspiration. Beverley managed to save AU$5000 in 6-months so she could head off to Australia to live and work, and one of the ways she did it was through using eBay. I’ve been an eBay skeptic for years and have finally set-up a account and put some clothes, shoes and books up there to be sold.

Even though I consider myself tech savvy I found setting up eBay to be a pain in the bottom! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a bit slow at using the site, but I found that it takes quite a long time to get a detailed description of each item up online, choosing the categories and everything else needed to list the item.

So far I’ve set aside 15 books, two tops and four pairs of shoes to try selling on eBay to see how I go.

Donating to Charity

I actually feel a little guilty trying to sell my clothing online because I usually donate my unwanted clothing to charity – specifically the St Vincient de Paul’s Society as I’ve seen the work they do in my home town. Giving clothes to a charity is a simple way to help them out. Some of the clothing will go directly to the people they help out, whilst some will go to the Op-Shops, and the money from selling the item will go towards the charity. I really like the St Vincient de Paul’s Society because you hear about the work they do, I’ve seen it take place and their op-shops don’t have drastically inflated rates on items like some others do (My friends and I love to scour the stores for ‘vintage’ items!) To put my mind at peace, I still have a big bag of clothing and shoes which I’m going to donate to them in the coming week.

Swapping Pre-loved Treasure for new Treasures

Another option I considered was to take part in a Clothing Exchange. Clothing Exchanges have just resurfaced in Australia with vintage and retro making a big comeback in the past years. Take a few pieces of clothing which you want to swap; ensure they are clean and in decent condition (a button can be missing but there can’t be holes.) With the tokens you collect from hanging in your items you use them to ‘purchase’ the new item/s you fall in love with on the day. At the end of the day some of the remaining items will be donated to charities.

Clothing Exchanges are currently holding events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, but some local markets also do a similar exchange.

Have you previously spring cleaned your wardrobe? Do you have any tips? Post them below – I’d love to read them!

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