The Tech You Should Fly With

Whenever you might be flying from one side of the world to the other, it important to plan which tech to take. There are those long-haul flights that you should ensure you have the right tech for, whether it is Sydney to Houston, Manila to New York or Singapore to San Francisco. Don’t rely on the airlines’ choices for entertainment and make sure that you have the right tech with you from the moment you step onboard.


Whatever you do, don’t take it for granted that on-flight entertainment will get you through those endless hours. With a little bit of planning, you will be able to ensure you secure the communication, gaming, film and podcasts you want to, without having to rely on what’s on the airline on-board entertainment system. This is especially true if you, like many out there, fly with low-cost airlines. These budget airlines may not have the best selection of movies, games or entertainment. 

Modern technology and airplane rules allow for a wide range of tech to be used and accessed while flying, so make the most of this.

What tech to take

Kindle or other e-reader

While many travelers prefer to read paperbacks while they travel, the overhead lights on many planes can be tricky: If you are not annoying the person next to you because of the light, it is often difficult to get the direction of the light just right. Instead, why not bring along your Kindle or e-reader to avoid the hassle. This will give you the flexibility of having an LCD screen that adapts to both night and day.

Tablet or smartphone to access online gaming 

Although most planes now have personal entertainment systems that offer a wide variety of films, documentaries and TV shows, as well as games, you can’t guarantee you haven’t already watched all the movies on offer. Instead, this is a good opportunity to spend some time playing your favourite online games like the slots canada, which you can access with online Wi-Fi. We sometimes think flying on long-haul flights is the perfect time to catch up on the latest series everyone has been talking about, but it is easy to soon get bored halfway through on a long flight. Every binge-watching session needs some respite.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

On long-haul flights it can sometimes become important to drown out the annoying drone of the engines. Any opportunity to make a long flight a little more pleasant should be jumped at, so don’t forget to pack those noise-reducing headphones too.

Safety Guidelines

There is certain tech that you shouldn’t be travelling with, and there is tech that should be switch to flight mode during takeoff and landing. It’s essential to abide by the safety instructions at all times – we’ve all seen the overanxious passenger who, upon landing, has unfastened their belt and stood up even before the plane slows down, and unsteadily bangs their head a couple of times on the overhead lockers. It is a major risk to yourself and others not to follow the instructions, no matter how many times you’ve flown. Keep the tech switched off on takeoff and landing, and as and when requested to do so by the flight attendants.

Plan well, as you should with all travel packing, and make sure that you have the right tech well before the time. It will come in handy.

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