Bringing a Pre-Flight Ritual Home: Immersive Journalism the TIME Way

Time Magazine App

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On my quest to find the best brunch in Melbourne’s south-east, I’ve come to notice that few cafes stock newspapers anymore, and even less stock magazines. Don’t you miss sitting down and thumbing through a good magazine while waiting for your coffee? I do. I’m not talking Grazia or Famous, I’m talking something meaty with ‘real’ journalism and not just the click-bait we’re fed up on social media – though I won’t deny, I am a sucker for cute panda videos! We may live in the most connected generations ever but the way we consume Media isn’t as broad as in the past.

Time Magazine App

Usually, my time to stock up on quality reads is when I’m travelling. Sure, I might sneak a trashy mag in, there’s likely to be a travel magazine and there’ll always be a copy of TIME on top of the pile. It’s my little treat to myself before I get onboard for a long flight and they’re always filled with the best reads. Real meaty journalism about global events that matter, some stories I may not have even heard of since Australia’s mainstream Media is dominated by the cute young British Royals, if Donald Trump’s hair is real or the latest in the mic drop battles between hunky Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and the abdicating US President Barrack Obama.

I haven’t travelled as much this year and so I haven’t stuck to my routine of treating myself to a copy of TIME pre-flight. I daydream about heading to the newsagency and out to brunch to enjoy my treat, but – let’s face it – brunch is better with friends.

Sometimes you need to treat yourself.

Over the weekend, I downloaded the TIME app for my mobile and tablet as a treat to celebrate finishing the redesign of the blog.

Time Magazine App

As a traveller, it was a good read. TIME was celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali as a theme throughout the issue, but there were important reads about the airline industry, my favourite being about Airline’s black boxes and how the technology is out-dated (Black boxes were invented in the 60’s) especially in the wake of EgyptAir Flight 804 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s crashes. Neither flight’s black box are yet to be found.

It’s not all serious, for any film buff there’s a great feature about the Ghostbusters remake, an interview with Aussie actress Margot Robbie about her latest polarising roles in the remake of Tarzan and as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, and talking Dory with Ellen DeGeneres.

Yes, this was a seriously good issue for me.

Time Magazine App

TIME Magazine isn’t your normal digital mag though. If your eyes need a break or find it hard to read on public transport, many of the stories offer audiobook-style reading. You can interact with the articles – scrolling fact boxes, images accompanied with sounds, scroll through the ‘Trending’ list or series of images, it’s a completely new way to digest Media. Then there’s all the Bonus Digital Content.

The Bonus Digital Content is where you’ll find commentaries, content that wasn’t able to be included in the magazine (there’s a great piece of How one man came to own the skies and make aviation history by Peter B. Doran, which helped prove that airmail and passenger travel could be possible in the future), along with the live Twitter feed of the TIME team and videos!

With all these additional features, viewing TIME on your smartphone is a good experience, perfect for the quick update, but if you really want to make the most of your subscription then using the TIME app on an iPad or Tablet really gives you an immersive experience that takes magazine reading to a whole new level whether you are at home or enjoying brunch at your favourite cafe – The Coin Laundry Cafe in Armadale is fast becoming my favourite local spot!

Let’s face it, journalism should always be good and with the TIME app it is not just good journalism, it’s a new way to experience journalism.

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Try TIME for yourself

TIME would like everyone to experience and explore the world of what quality content and journalism is.
They have a limited time offer of 65% off subscriptions which is amazing value as it’s usually $528 but now $153.90 (savings of around 65%) for the full magazine access (that’s to their iOS app, time.com access, and print edition for 1 year.) The offer is valid until the end of June.

Still curious to know more? Watch the video below to see TIME Magazine in action!

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This post has been put together with the help of Nuffnang and TIME.
All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.

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