Travel Bug Tuesday – A Banksy in Brighton

One of the most controversial pieces of street art used to adorn the walls of a pub under the railway station in Brighton, now there is just a facsimile encased in perspex of Banksy’s original stencil – the ‘Kissing Coppers’.

Taking a free city tour through the Brighton’s Greeter program I was introduced to some of Brighton Street Art, including the ‘Kissing Coppers’.
Adorning the side wall of the Prince Albert pub, but repeated vandalism on the work left it in poor condition and when a New York gallery offered to buy the piece the pub didn’t refuse.

Banksy, the creator of the stencil artwork, is perhaps the most famous street artist of this generation with graffiti works in a number of countries including Australia, Israel and the UK. Many of his works are with a strong social or political message, the kissing coppers a perfect example.

All the money from the sale of the original artwork is going back into restoring the ageing pub.

The Banksy of the police kissing in Brighton, UK

Have you seen the Kissing Coppers or another one of Banksy’s works?

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