Travel Bug Tuesday – A Patriotic Sunset

Patriotic sunset from onboard the US aircraft carrier Intrepid in New York with a sunset and American flag over New Jersey

Patriotic isn’t something I’d call myself. Sure I love my home country of Australia but my feelings of patriotism are more subdued than the patriotism you experience when travelling through America.

Throughout New York City the star spangled banner hangs. From the biggest flags covering walls of buildings, hanging crisp and straight an ever present reminder in the lobbys, or the smaller flags hanging over the memorials in the fire stations of the brothers they’ve lost in service, whether it be 9/11 or doing their job and trying to save someone.

And then there was the one on the back of the Intrepid. Flapping in the cold December breeze as the red coated lady gazed out over the Hudson River towards New Jersey. My fingers were cold, the rest of my group had already returned to the inside of the aircraft carrier to defrost, as I waited for her to move so I could capture the ‘perfect’ photo of the sunset, New Jersey and the star spangled banner but she stayed there. Pensive and gazing. Sometimes the imperfect shot can become a perfect one.

The lady in red, New Jersey and a Patriotic Sunset in New York.

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