Travel Bug Tuesday – Bridging the River Liffey in Dublin

I’d been cooped up for a week back in London with a persistant cold and upon arriving in Dublin not rain or flu was not going to stop me enjoying my time away from grey, dark London. Starting at Abbey Court, my hostel for the week, I walked along the River Liffey stopping every so often to consulte my huge (free!) map with the city highlights pictured including the rather grand looking Custom House, the Famine statues and museum and a side trip into O’Connell Street – the main shopping precinct – for some window shopping.

Further down North Wall Quay is the Samuel Beckett bridge, a spanish designed cable bridge which connects the Dockside with Sir John Rogerson Quay. At the time I wasn’t aware that the bridge is designed to look like a hard laying on its side, the the harp being a secular icon in Irish history designed to represent Ireland and all things Irish. The bridge also has the option to be raised at a 90 degree angle to let boats pass under and make use of the waterway.

The bridge was named after Samuel Beckett, a popular Irish novelist, playwright, theatre director and poet who was awarded with a Nobel Peace prize in Literature in 1969.

I really enjoyed this area of Dublin because there was a lot to see and photograph. On one side of the River Liffey was abandoned shops with graffiti or posters hung over it and on the other side was a busy city centre with the Convention Centre, Jeannie Johnson Tall Ship (pictured) and Famine Museum as well as interesting statues and footpaths offering information about the famine.

I love this photo not because it’s a beautiful photo or because it’s full of interesting features but because it was that day that made me fall in love with Ireland. It’s people, how it’s biggest city was comparative to my home town of Adelaide which is one of the smaller capital cities in Australia, it’s history and it’s culture. What can I say – I’m turning Irish!

Have you been to Dublin? What were your favourite things to do, or what things would you want to do if you visited Ireland?

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