Travel Bug Tuesday – Dressed up in the Flower Garden

Royal Adelaide Show costume dresses flowers South Australia
When I was a kid I used to beg my parents to take my sister and I to the Royal Adelaide Show to pick-up the carefully selected show bags we’d chosen after spending the weekend pouring over the official guide, take on the biggest and most scary rides and of course, no trip was complete without going to the petting zoo (holding a baby chick never gets old!)
Being the ultimate cool kid this year I went with my Mumthis year, but I soon learnt was how much Mum knew about dressmaking and sewing. Yes, it never occurred to me that although my Grandma is a master seamstress my Mum may have picked up a few interesting pieces of knowledge along the way.
When we were taking on the Yellow Brick Road (a show bag which you walk to different areas of the show to collect the items including a grains room to collect a loaf of bread, the dairy hall for yoghurt and even the Royal Society of the Blind for a braille gingerbread cookie!) when we had to walk through the Fresh Food hall which was also home to the entries for the arts, crafts and cooking sections of the show. One particular feature caught my eye – a series of dresses all based on flowers. The seamstress created a different series each year and spends 12-months creating a series of dresses which are put on show at the event and the detail in each of the dresses is amazing.
This dress particularly caught my eye. Based on a poppy and in my favourite shade of red I was compelled to take a photo of it. I have a feeling it may be hard to see out from under that hat though!

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