Travel Bug Tuesday – Paddle Boarding in the Keys

At the end of my summer working in upstate New York, a group of five girls headed to Florida for a fortnight of sunbathing and theme parks. As a last minute decision Hayley and Eva decided to end their summer by heading to Key West and with no set plans, I accepted their offer to drive from Miami.

The trip to the Keys was amazing. Sadly, I didn’t spend much time with the girls (except for one very memorable night in the hotel swimming pool chatting up a cute guy – only to find out he was not quite 18…) as they were set on improving their tan whilst I wanted to get out there and explore the laid back community.

On our final evening we headed down for cocktails, or in my underage case – mocktails, whilst watching the sunset on the final day of our Florida adventure, and the girls final days of their American summer escapade. As the sun was setting coast guard helicopters would fly by, the bar guests chatted and danced the night away and this lone man paddle boarded past Sunset Key (the island.)

Sunset Key is an ultra exclusive island (but has a Westin resort!) which is only accessible by shuttle boat. The island is rumoured to be home to a vast array of celebrities, and with prices rumoured to be starting at US$1.5 million for a block of land, I’m not surprised!

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