Travel Bug Tuesday – A Postcard From One Spunkygirl!

This postcard has travelled: 14,000.7km or 8699.6 miles
from Banff, Canada to Adelaide, Australia.

I love receiving postcards in the mail, knowing that something has travelled across a long distance to finally end up in your hands and filled with a brief description of what the traveller is doing on the other side of the world. With email and social media, letters and posts are almost a thing of the past, but in my mind nothing beats the effort put into writing and sending a post card.

From the decision of which card to purchase for the individual, to the picking of anecdotes to write and finally to forking over the (often pricy) money to buy a stamp in order it to reach its final location. I make it a habit of sending these beautiful pieces of card and delight when receiving them; and it was no exception when I received this super cute postcard from Pamela at Spunkygirl Monologues about two-months ago in the mail.

This Spunky girl is off on to Africa and after a rough start she is finally in Nairobi, Africa!  You can read this post to get a bit more info about her Africa trip, and find out where to find her updates, videos and photos by clicking here.

Thanks again Pamela! Enjoy your African adventure.

PS: I’m sorry for the delay in posting a picture (which does not do it justice.)

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