Travel Bug Tuesday – Sunset on the Big Apple

At the street crossing just off Times Square I stopped at the traffic lights, watching the traffic I quickly turned my gaze to the orange orb slowly setting between the skyscrapers. It was the end of summer, the end of my four month trip to the US to work as a Camp Counsellor and it was the end of the ‘heatwave’ which had plagued New York for just over a week (New York has obviously not experienced an Australian summer if they thought 32C was a heat wave.)

New York is perhaps my favourite city I’ve visited so far. The bustle, the “cwofee”, the art – it’s always moving, ever-changing and simply beautiful to me.

This shot is by no means perfect (I shot it on my iPhone!) but sometimes the best photo isn’t captured by conventional means and it summed up how I felt that day because it captures a moment. An endin where a new beginning was just about to begin.

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