Travel Bug Tuesday – Warming up at Bondi Beach

 In celebration of the first week of spring it’s only appropriate to have a warm weather photo!

Bondi Beach is usually packed but late on a Saturday afternoon the people begin to wander away and you get a rare glimps of the beach at it’s most peaceful.
Though the wind was beginning to pick-up, it’s still the perfect time to grab a burger or some fish & chips, city on the hill overlooking the beach and chow down. Or better yet, if you’re brave enough to risk a sandy bottom, sit on the beach!

I’ve always found Bondi to be interesting. For such a small beach, compared to the beaches where I’m from in South Australia, huge numbers of locals and tourists alike flock to it as summer begins. Bondi is a really cool place to spend an afternoon. Filled with surfshops, and with a very hippy vibe you’ll find plenty of organic produce in the area.
If you’re more into glitz and glam the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping complex is a short walk away and is, in my opinion, the best place to shop til you drop in Sydney!

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