Ultimate Travel Destinations for Soccer Fanatics

Soccer, or football as it’s better known in Europe, is the most popular sport in the world both in terms of viewership and in money. With so many soccer mad individuals roaming the planet, it is no surprise that there is a huge amount and variety of football themed holidays, whisking you away to some of the prime locations that are brimming with football culture. 

Locations like Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aries and even the UK are firm favourites for football fans due to the strong history of the sport there and the fierce rivalries that exist between the regions. With that in mind, here are some of the ultimate travel destinations for soccer fans. 

National Football Museum 

The national football museum is the best, most comprehensive museum on football and its history in the entire world. Located in the north of England, the museum holds wonderful exhibits filled to the brim of artifacts from days gone by as well information on the early years of the game. 

Be sure to check out the hall of fame, which highlights key figures of the sport that deserve to be illuminated, and consider eating at the famous Café football, which can be found at the venue. It is run by several members of the class of 92, the most famous Manchester United squad of the modern day. 

The national football museum also hosts plenty of seasonal exhibitions, such as Bands FC, making it an even better place to visit multiple times. 

Belushi’s Bar 

Belushi’s bar is the premier leisure destination for football fans in London and has been ranked as one of the top four places to watch football in London. The location boasts cheap drinks, fantastic food but most importantly, enormous screens to watch the big match, which makes it a firm favourite for football fans. 

What makes Belushi’s so unique is the international crowd it attracts, meaning you can watch the big game with people from all over the world. You can also hire out private caves to watch matches with your friends and predict the scores with them – just learn how to bet on the Premier League football first. These sections are also filled with sofas, games consoles and beverage fridges, making them the ultimate places to experience international live football. 

The Santiago Bernabeu (Or Any Big Stadium)

There’s nothing else that can give you the scale and scope of a football stadium than partaking in a stadium tour of your favorite club. The Santiago Bernabeu, home of Spanish giants Real Madrid, is the one most recommended due to the impressive scale of the facility as well as the many honors on display that can be perused and browsed during your visit. 

Stadium tours are a great way to get a glimpse behind the curtain and give you a better understanding of how the beautiful game works. You can explore the changing rooms where greats have stood, experience the media rooms where mangers face the fiercest of questions from journalists, not to mention walking out of the tunnel onto the turf. 

If you have a massive dislike for Madrid, other worthy stadiums to visit include the Camp Nou of Barcelona, the home stadiums of Germany’s Dortmund and Bayern Munich, The San Siro in Milan, as well as Anfield and Old Trafford of Liverpool and Manchester United, respectfully.  

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