What I’ve learnt in 2010

Bitten by the Travel Bug is just shy of being 8-months old, however I have only really been ‘blogging’ (or getting really into posting regular content) in the last 3-months. Looking back on that time I realise that I have discovered a huge amount of things both about myself, travel and the wonderful world of blogging.

What I’ve learnt about Travelling

  • Travelling, especially in Europe and Australia is REALLY expensive (yes, I finally admitted it.) I spent a week in Copenhagen and although I often didn’t go out at night and had a free brunch, the costs really stacked up and I blew my budget pretty quickly. That being said, I did manage to spend less than what I budgeted when I was in smaller cities or towns outside of the capital.
  • Trains are fun! I had never been on train ride (other than public transport to commute the 20-minute distance from home to the city) and so when I got to take a train from London to Holyhead, Wales I was stoked! What made it even better was I then got to take trains throughout Ireland and even one from Copenhagen, Denmark to Amsterdam, the Netherlands (though that one was a wee bit long for my liking!)
  • Ferries are awesome! The ferries used in Hong Kong or Sydney have nothing on the size of the ones they use between Holyhead, Wales and Dublin, Ireland. I even scored my own sleeping berth!
  • You meet some of the most amazing people when you travel. From the people I lived with for 3-months in America, to Dylan (from the Travelling Editor) or Chris (from the Aussie Nomad)
  • You can rely on other people to help you! Just make sure you always go with your gut instinct and if in doubt don’t do it!

What I’ve learnt about Blogging

  • Blogging is only a chore if you make it a chore. To begin with I set a goal of one post per week + a picture. On top of that I was going to participate in #TNI, #FollowFriday, #TravelTuesday and basically anything else I could. What happened was I felt overwhelmed and just didn’t do anything. Now, that I’m inspired again I have set more realistic goals for 2011 and intend on keeping to them!
  • Bloggers are awesome people. TBEX was pretty daunting (even if it was the new TBEX Europe!) All these people who you’d heard of online meeting in one place. I’m not the most social butterfly to begin with so I often sat quietly whilst everyone else chattered all night (possibly didn’t help that I was sick as a dog during the whole conference!) Overall, I had an amazing week in Copenhagen and met some wicked people such as Maren from GalavantingTV and organiser of TBEX, Abby from Inside the Travel Lab, Lea from TripWolf and so many more people!
  • To be a blogger doesn’t mean you have to stick with just writing. There are some awesome travel Vloggers out there just check out people like Cailin from Travel Yourself!

What I’ve learnt about myself

  • I’m more resilient that I give myself credit for.
  • People aren’t all scary and it’s alright to talk to strangers (as long as you choose the right ones!)
  • My kids (when I have them) aren’t going to be cotton wooled and stuck up (you’ll hear more about my camp adventures soon!)
  • Language classes aren’t for me, but speaking to the locals to learn a language is more my cup of tea.
  • I am totally irresponsible with my time on a computer! I need to sort it out and become a multi-tasking machine so I can spend less time online.
  • It’s not worth having people in my life which upset me, so I won’t stand for it any more. 🙂

So this is just some of the things I have learnt about travelling, blogging and myself through 2010 and I look forward to learning many more things in 2011.

What have you learnt this year which has made a strong impact on you?

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    January 10, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I love the parts about yourself. 😉 I posted something similar today.

    I learnt that, although I’ve made some bad decisions this year, I’m a very strong, influential person and that I have the world at my feet, and a very good life, right now. Time to appreciate it and utilize it more… This year is the beginning of so many opportunities!

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    January 15, 2011 at 10:23 pm

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    January 30, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Great post! I agree, you can rely on other people to help you when traveling. If you just put a little bit of trust you often get so much in return 🙂

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    Christy @ Ordinary Traveler
    March 2, 2011 at 4:31 am

    I love this post! It’s so honest. I really love train rides too. Especially overnight trains. I can completely relate to being irresponsible with internet time. I think this comes from having a lot of free time at my job, so I got used to just screwing around online. I need to break myself of this habit! It’s a lot easier to spend less time doing nothing online when I’m traveling than when I’m at home. So maybe the answer is to just keep traveling! 🙂

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