What to wear to the AFL Grand Final

Wondering what you should wear to the AFL Grand Final? I've got you covered!

* Updated September 2018

The Toyota AFL Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is on this Saturday, on the last Saturday of September!
The city will come alive this weekend as a battle of the birds – Melbourne’s Collingwood Football Club and the mighty West Coast Eagles – dominate the ground in hope of Premiership glory.

You’ve managed to get a ticket (well done!), your accommodation in Melbourne is secure, but what do you wear?! Never fear, I’ve been there too and I know just the thing.

If you are a fan of the AFL like me and are heading to the MCG for the game, below you’ll find some suggestions for what to wear to get your A-game on!

What to wear to the AFL Grand Final

Dress codes

What to wear to the AFL Grand Final really depends on where your ticket has you seated.

For some ticketholders, you will be subject to a dress code. This varies per area, but if you are seated in areas like the MCC Members Reserve, Long Room, Premiership Club or the AFL Corporate Suites, be sure to ask or check the relevant links to find out the recommended dress codes.

In these areas, play it safe. Don’t wear blue jeans and wear a collar. Don’t wear your team jumper or shirt, but team scarves and other small items will be accepted. Ask if you can wear your team’s gear when you get there and get changed in the bathroom.

In the Category 1-7 areas, the dress is more casual. It’s not uncommon to see fans decked out in their team’s shirts, jumpers, scarves and more! You can even get your face painted in your team colours (for a small donation to charity) outside.

I prefer to play it safe if I’m my team isn’t in the Grand Final, it’s not uncommon to spot people who wear a shirt, jacket or scarf from a team that isn’t playing in the Grand Final! If not, I prefer to play it safe and strict to a smart casual dress code.

what to wear to the AFL Grand Final men

What should men wear to the AFL Grand Final?

If suiting up is not quite your style, embrace smart casual. A collared shirt, good pants (dress pants or denim), and stylish-but-comfortable dress shoes – you’re likely to be doing quite a bit of walking to, from and around the stadium.

Blue denim is fine outside the more corporate areas, so pair with a shirt, sports jacket, and your comfortable shoes – R.M. Williams’, good dress shoes or (clean!) fashionable sneakers will all pass.

Please, no matter where you sit, don’t wear thongs. If you bust a plugger (that is, break the sole away from the strap) you’re stuffed and believe me when I say the ground is filthy by the end of the day. Stick with sneakers or dress shoes.

what to wear to the AFL Grand Final women

What should women wear to the AFL Grand Final?:

Ladies, it’s all about the layers. This is Melbourne. While it may be hot walking around outside after you’ve sat down for two-hours the weather may have cooled significantly.

Similarly to the boys, play it safe and stick to comfortable smart casual. Dress up in a nice tailored shirt and pair with a jumper, blue jeans or dress in comfortable flats, boots or good looking sneakers. Melbourne’s weather can be temperamental and there isn’t too many places in the stadium you can escape to and still watch the game.

Ladies, if you do bring a bag, make it a small one! There’s always a lot of security at the Grand Final. Skip the long lines at the bag checks with a clutch.

AFL Grand Final at the MCG

What about the weather

As it’s still early spring, the weather can be quite temperamental in Melbourne (we are known for our four seasons in a day!)

For the 2018 Toyota Grand Final, it appears that the weather will be fine but cloudy, with a temperature of 14 degrees for the first bounce.

The use of umbrellas is frowned upon in the stadium as they impact fans views so, instead, pack a small plastic rain poncho (you can get them from most $2 Stores) if you want to be sure to stay dry.

If you are sitting in general admission seating, bring a good jacket. I’m a big fan of my North Face Condor TriClimate which can be separated into two pieces – a waterproof jacket or a warm fleece jacket – but combined it becomes warm wind resistant jacket, perfect for whatever the weather throws at it. This year I’ll be wearing my Marimekko rain jacket not dissimilar to their current Popeli range. The pockets are quite spacious so I won’t need to bring a bag unless I take my camera!

If you are sitting in the sun – and it’s likely you will be in Category 1-7 seating – be sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are a must!

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Wondering what you should wear to the AFL Grand Final? I've got you covered! Wondering what to wear to the AFL Grand Final? I've got you covered!

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