Case Study: #YourSingapore – Strange & Wonderful Singapore

Many visitors to Asia don’t spend a lot of time in Singapore as they believe it’s a ‘cold’, ‘sterile’ and potentially an ‘expensive’ destination. Singapore Tourism Board wants to prove that this wasn’t the case by working with a select group of digital influencers from Australia.

In March 2015, I was invited by Your Singapore to experience the Strange and Wonderful Singapore that is often overlooked by visitors. As part of our contract, it was agreed that Nicole would write four blog posts, along with a series of social shares during the trip. These are the results as of May 31st, 2015.

Blog posts published as part of the ‘Strange & Wonderful’ campaign:

Social Media Exposure

  • 21 Instagram photos were shared with over 1,974 likes.
  • 16 Facebook updates were shared with over 276 likes and 56 comments.
  • City Guide: Singapore on Pinterest
  • 8 travel tips and 1 list posted on Trover
  • Twitter and FourSquare were also used throughout the campaign.

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