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A few weeks back I recieved a ‘perk’ from Klout, a social network influence guage, saying that I had been nominated to recieve a Red Bull MOBILE sim card to try and test the new network being launched in Australia. With my contract nearing renewal time, I was excited to see what Red Bull MOBILE could offer me and opted to receive the perk to give it a test drive. Then earlier in the week I received an email asking if I wanted to take it one step further – did I have what it took to be a Red Bull MOBILE Scout for one month, taking on Red Bull fuelled experiences whilst documenting it all on a shiny new HTC Cha Cha? Heck yes I do! So I jumped in with both feet and entered.

After a phone interview (possibly the most awkward experience of my life! – I’m a Journalist who interviews people, not the other way around!) and a few days wait, I got the news I’d been wanting to hear….

“Congratulations! You’ve been nominated as a Red Bull MOBILE Scout!”

I may have danced in the middle of Rundle Mall, amidst the protest taking place and complete with police, firemen and local news crews!!!

The text that got me dancing!

So what does this mean?

This means that I’m one of TEN Red Bull MOBILE Scouts from across Australia set to take Sydney by storm at the Red Bull X-Fighters Final on Cockatoo Island! It also means that for 30-days I will be taking part in Red Bull Experiences and documenting them by blog and social media on a shiny new HTC Cha Cha (sexy right?!) At the end of the 30-days the Scout with the best content will win tickets to the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix!!!

I’ve always wanted to go to the Formula One (check-out my Bug-ket List!) but Melbourne ‘stole it’ away from Adelaide 15 years ago and so my dream is yet to be fulfilled! Can you help me cross it off my Bug-ket List?!
Since there are two tickets up for grab I want to take my Dad with me – he runs a crash repairs shop and loves anything with a motor in it, and I really don’t do enough with him.

But what’s in it for me?

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting you guys either! Each day YOU have a chance to win a HTC Cha Cha just by commenting on the Red Bull MOBILE Scout blog. Since there are 30-days in which us Scouts will be running around taking part in experiences and challenges there are 30 chances for you to win! (Sorry to all my international readers – this offer is only valid to the Aussies! But there are Red Bull MOBILES located in Europe and South Africa if you want to check them out!)

If anyone is in Sydney from Thursday 15th to Monday 19th of September get in contact and we’ll meet up! Also if any one knows anything about motocross leave a comment below.

To read all my adventures thanks to Red Bull Mobile click the button below!

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